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Report: NFL Considers Requiring Fans to Sign Coronavirus Waiver

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The NFL dearly hopes they can have fans in the stands this year, if or when play resumes. Though, the NFL would reportedly like fans to sign a waiver so they don’t blame the league if they get sick.

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Athletic, the league is considering requiring the fans to sign a legal waiver that would prevent them from suing the NFL should they contract the coronavirus while attending an NFL game.

“It is probably something you do electronically, just trying to figure out the operational challenges associated with waivers,” Kaplan writes. “Just have to work out how best to do that.”

The waiver is expected to be sent to teams by the middle of the week, Kaplan writes.

While the NFL will no doubt take measures to insure fan health and safety, the waiver requirement serves as a stark reminder that there are no guarantees when it comes to the virus. With the virus spiking through much of the country already and the possibility of another wave in the fall, in the heart of football season. There’s a strong possibility most fans will settle for watching on television as opposed to attending the games.

Another possibility is that the NFL could require fans to wear masks to the games. Though, given that the league has committed to following the social distancing guidelines in the counties and states where their stadiums are located, it begs the question of whether the NFL would still make that requirement if the local government does not.

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