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NBA Commish on Possible Anthem Protests: We Have to Be True to Ourselves


During an interview on Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver refused to directly answer a question about players taking a knee during the national anthem during the upcoming shortened 2020 season.

In an interview with TIME 100 Talks, Silver tried to land on every side of the question, for the protests, yet also for standing during the anthem.

“I don’t disagree with this notion that people come together in a unified way to stand for the national anthem,” Silver exclaimed.

But then he visited the other side of the coin, too.

“I also recognize there are appropriate times for protest. And I also understand that when that line-drawing comes into play, invariably, you’re going to upset some faction out there,” he said.

So what is his solution, if any?

“[A]t the end of the day, we just sort of have to be true to ourselves, and the values that underlay this league. And try to make values-based decisions rather than political ones,” he concluded.

The NBA is one of the most left-wing pro sports leagues in the nation, so if Silver intends to rely on the “values” of the league, kneeling is probably to be expected.

Still, the league passed a rule in 2017 requiring its players to stand during the anthem. So, by the rules, kneeling is not allowed.

However, early in June, the league vowed to re-address the issue in a future — unscheduled — meeting with players leaving open the possibility that the rule would be reversed and players would be permitted to protest during the national anthem.

But for now, no decision has been made to allow protests during the national anthem. Clearly, Silver simply did not want to answer the question.

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