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Inside Jimmy Westcott’s World

Dallas philanthropist Jimmy Westcott has two interior design theories: The first she calls “Discovery Decorating,” predicated on the idea that a guest should notice something new (a little trinket or wall hanging) every time they pay a visit. The second is that nature never gets it wrong. “I was putting pink and red together well before pink and red was cool,” says Westcott. “Nature does it, so why shouldn’t I?”

Both philosophies are well represented in Westcott’s study, her most cherished room in her current residence, situated along a tree-lined section of Turtle Creek Boulevard. It’s organized and yet simply filled with extensive collections of books, sterling silver, and crystals—everything has a place. Westcott does concede that she had to do some serious editing when she moved into the home (a considerable downsize for her) two years ago. “I was never going to find a place big enough for all of my stuff,” Westcott says.

She gives us a tour of her favorite space.

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