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Lola Fae’s First Blowbang Available From Burning Angel

Lola Fae’s First Blowbang Available From Burning Angel

LOS ANGELES—Fans who follow Lola Fae on Twitter have probably figured out the adult starlet likes oral sex. Consider the tweet about her first blowbang, which just went live on Fae tweets that oral sex is "seriously one of my favorite activities. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a Taurus and our sensual spot is our throat but I can just get face fucked forever and get in the headspace I want from sex."

So if one blowjob is good, how about five? That's what Fae gets in the first part of the BurningAngel series “As Above, So Below.”

In Part 1, the slender brunette steps into a scene inspired by Alice in Wonderland, where she's a queen enjoying a tea party. But, something’s missing. So Lola summons her five aces—Nathan Bronson, JJ Graves, Eddie Jaye, Mike Mancini and Sam Shock—to liven things up. Before she can blink, Lola is smack in the middle of a blowbang. Near the end she’s whisked away to her next adventure, to be revealed soon in Part 2.

“I personally love sucking cock. To have five hard cocks all to myself, belonging to five men who wanted to play with me, provided an experience that was fun and constant,” said Fae. “They were all such obedient and playful cards for my scene; I absolutely relish in feeling big dick in the back of my throat!”

Lola Fae is represented by East Coast Talents. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.