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Extra Extra: Philip Roth's UWS Apartment Is On The Market (And His Stuff Is Still Inside It): Gothamist



Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. Trump's top aides, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and his personal attorneys, reportedly want payback against the president's enemies after the conclusion of the Mueller investigation. (And they're even sending this memo to TV producers.) Billionaire Sam Zell thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's idea for wealth redistribution won't work because people don't want handouts, but maybe he should try talking to people who aren't billionaires first before he assumes that? The effort to legalize marijuana in New Jersey has collapsed. Did you spot a plane traveling through Times Square this weekend? Philip Roth's Upper West Side apartment is on the market, and prospective buyers will get the bonus of seeing all of Roth's stuff that is still in there. Apple announced Apple TV today, which is not the Apple TV that already exists, but rather a new video streaming service. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the country's wealthiest and best-known legal advocacy groups—but now finds itself beset by internal conflict. How did the subway kicker get caught? His coworkers at restaurant Frenchette recognized him and called the cops. Wow, here is a rare interview with MF Doom on the 15th anniversary of his brilliant album Madvillainy. A passenger flying with American Airlines was met by police upon arrival in Charlotte, NC, after reportedly urinating on a female traveler’s luggage during the flight. And finally, oh yeah I tell you somethin', I think you'll understand:

i just wanna hold your hand

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