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Former Police Officer Accused of Stealing Money from Charities for Fallen Officers' Memorials and Their Kids

Weeks after an arrest affidavit was issued for a man accused of stealing from law enforcement charities, Roland Thomas Albert, a former police officer himself, was arrested in Florida.

Albert, a former Colorado police officer, was arrested on Saturday morning in Orlando, Florida. Thomas was wanted in Colorado for allegedly stealing money from two charities designed for fallen officers and their families, but his trouble with the law began when he was suspected of having multiple wives.

The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora, a nonprofit that helps officers attend funerals for fellow fallen officers nationwide, told Newsweek that a company, who was conducting a financial audit of the organization, found that Albert may have committed bigamy. At the time, Albert was treasurer and the organization reported the allegation to the Aurora Police Department.

On July 26, Albert’s wife filed for divorce, the same day that a marriage certificate between the 39-year-old and another woman was recorded in Las Vegas, according to KMGH. He was suspended from the police force and investigated for polygamy, but resigned in December.

He was removed from the board on August 31, 2018, but the company later discovered unusual withdrawals from one of their accounts. In September 2018, they filed a criminal complaint, and later a civil lawsuit, and in October 2018, received a summary judgment for about $8,568. To date, they’ve received about $4,700 through the garnishment of his wages and will take necessary steps to recover the remaining amount.

“Our organization was not only stunned to learn about Roland’s actions, but we are angered,” The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora said. “The choices Roland made reflect his character alone, and are not supported by our organization.”

roland thomas albert cop arrested Roland Thomas Albert was arrested on Saturday in Florida after having a warrant issued for his arrest on charges that he stole from two police officer charity organizations. Orange County Sheriff's Office

Along with The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora, Albert is accused of stealing more than $71,000 from the Aurora Police Orphan Fund, which helps children of fallen officers, according to KCNC. More than 90 percent of Aurora Police Department employees have deductions taken out of their paychecks to support the organization. Newsweek reached out to the Aurora Police Department but did not receive a response in time for publication.

After The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora notified the police, law enforcement contacted the Aurora Police Orphan Fund because Albert was also their treasurer. The charity’s financial advisor told the sergeant that there was an unusual reduction of the fund’s checking account, according to KDVR. Albert was then removed from the board.

Albert faces two counts of felony theft and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested him on a warrant issued by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. It’s unclear when he is expected to be extradited to Colorado.