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New EarBurner: Boxer Errol Spence Jr. On the Eve of His Biggest Fight

Errol Spence Jr. travels with a group of 12. Or, at least, he did on Tuesday when he showed up at the Old Monk to record the latest episode of our EarBurner podcast. At 4 p.m. at the Old Monk, he more than doubled the amount of people inside.

Spence is an undefeated boxer who earned the International Boxing Federation’s welterweight title in 2017. He’s from DeSoto, which makes this weekend all the more important. He’s got his first pay-per-view fight on Saturday night at AT&T Stadium, in front of more than 50,000 fans and at least a few million who will watch on tv. He’s fighting Oxnard, California’s Mikey Garcia, who is jumping a weight class to battle Spence for the title.

I wrote about what our hometown champ is facing earlier this week, which went along with a video that staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin produced. Please give it a read and a watch. And I’ll leave you now with show notes after the jump. Learn all about what his first knockout felt, why he switched from football to boxing, and why he stayed in Dallas after he made it big. Go Spence. Win it for Dallas.

1. Here’s a video of Errol fighting at least seven years ago, when he was around 21 or 22.

2.If you’ve got a minute, this 1993 Sports Illustrated profile of Lennox Lewis is well worth the read.

3. Here are a bunch of Chuck Lidell knockouts; note all the punching. You could almost see Errol doing the same.

4. Here’s Spence walking out with Dallas rapper Yella Beezy.

6. R.I.P. Doug’s Gym.

7. Here’s our first profile of Spence, which included details about the R&R in northwest Dallas where he used to train.

8. Here’s the end of the Spence-Kell Brook fight.

9. Here’s the end of the Spence-Peterson fight.

10. And here’s the end of the Spence-Ocampo fight.