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Extra Extra: Kids These Days And Their Google Docs Amirite?: Gothamist



Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. Somebody dropped some obscene words on subway riders over the loudspeaker on Wednesday. It is a true power move to name your dog basically the same thing as your neighbor's baby. Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer and Whatsapp vice president, is leaving the company. Don't even think about calling your bar with an arcade a "barcade" or else Barcade and its attorneys will be all over you. Being a "full time freelancer" is just the industry standard now. The hottest new chat app for teens right now? Google Docs. Rosario Dawson confirmed that she is in a relationship with Cory Booker and they're in love and this is all normal relationship stuff. The Senate voted 59-41 to overturn Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southwestern border, delivering "a bipartisan rebuke to what lawmakers in both parties deemed executive overreach by a president determined to build his border wall over Congress’s objections." Trump responded on Twitter, "VETO!" Massive Attack has rescheduled the dates of their Mezzanine tour. Netflix has cancelled One Day At A Time after three seasons. The college admissions scam tipster was a Yale dad who did it in exchange for leniency after being convicted in a pump and dump scheme. Hallmark has cut ties with longtime collaborator Lori Loughlin and Sephora has cut ties with her daughter Olivia Jade in the wake of the college admissions scandal. And finally, these two are havin' a HOPPIN' time together:

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